Camp 2013: 5:14 In the Blinkin' Morning...

The following is a re-post from August 19, 2013

Even the roosters are still hitting their snooze bars at this hour of the day but not the battery.

It's Drumline Wake Up call morning!  Whoo Hoo!

The thing parents don't get about drumline wake up call is that by the time you hear the story from your student, a week has passed and it has faded from their minds.  So it's hard to get a full grasp of what it's like to have a group of percussionists burst into your cabin in the wee, small hours and bang cadences on your bunk posts.

What I got from my son as a freshman was : Ha, ha. The stupid battery goes around waking people up on some random morning.  It's a band camp tradition.  And I imagined stealth attacks when one least expected it.

Except here's the thing- there are 14 cabins.  And one drumline.  You hear them coming, from a long way off.  And they hold a loud planning meeting about midway up the hill and rechart their route 9 times based on which cabin is more likely to pelt them with water balloons when they enter.  Apparently percussionists can't strategize quietly.

Ha ha!  Ssshhhhh.  But I tripped!  Shhhhsssshhh!  Then don't trip!  Shhhhhsssh.  Who's cabin is that?  I SAID SHHHHHSSSSHHHHH!!!!

By the time they get to their first cabin, they've been tripping over tree roots and yelling at each other to be quiet for about 7 minutes.  I'm thinking that in the history of drumline wake ups, not a single girl has ever been startled awake.  

So the drummers trip into the cabin, kick about 19 things, stub their toe twice, giggle a bit and then proceed with the tippy, tappy, yuh, ya-ba-dum routine.  Then they giggle and trip their way to the next cabin and repeat.

Yes, I said giggle.  Think about that the next time you watch the cool kids of the band drumming from the sidelines in black jackets and black aviator sunglasses at night.  

The big bad battery giggles.