Camp 2013: Arrival

The following is a re-post from 08/19/2013

Sunday, 3pm

The drive to Torch Lake is beautiful.  Rolling hills with grand vistas make the drive quite peaceful and enjoyable, as long as you're not on the bus.

Chaperones decorate each cabin in a theme of their choice and scramble to find an extra mattress to add to their bunks.  Bunks have a plywood base and mattresses are about as thick as Wonder Bread.  I'd definitely talk to your student after camp and make note to purchase extra padding for them next year if the hard bed base disturbed their sleep.

The girls cabin area sits up on the high ground, a distinct tactical advantage in case of war.  Practice field, dining hall, med station, zip line, and the activity hall all sit up on this area.  The boys travel down a brand new set of about 30 stairs to the beachfront area.  The beach, sport courts, and boat house are all in the boy's area.  The entire camp is full shade conditions except for the beach, they struggle to grow grass.  Expect to see some very dirty white shoes next Saturday.

The practice field is interesting.  Note to the prop design crew: let's add a big tree to the show this year.  A tree sits right on the 20 yard line before the back sideline.  The kids are pretty good at marching and ducking branches.  A long septic berm is another great field feature, new this year and the camp director was rather proud of it.  The front ensemble will enjoy this front sideline disturbance once we move them from the boathouse.

The Mongol Horde invades about 4pm and the adventure begins...