Camp 2013: Campfire Confessions

The following is a re-post from August 20, 2013

Last night was campfire night.  A small amphitheater with a campfire at the bottom. The seniors all got a chance to stand up and tell their band stories.  Their first day of band practice, try outs, first failure on the field, the friends they found, the trips they took, funniest hotel bathroom stories...

It was bittersweet.  A lot of funny moments, inside jokes, and a lot of love.  Yet some stories were absolutely heartbreaking. 

Marching band is a safe haven for misfits.  And if you remember your teen years accurately, you'll recall that misfit feeling.  All teenagers are misfits.  Adolescence is a hard place to be.

And marching band makes that place a little less harder. 

I'm so glad my children are in band.  Not just any band.  This band.  This amazing group of kids, all united in a common goal of excellence.

Let me leave you with the best quote of the evening:

The band is big.  It's this big gigantic organization but here's the secret: it can't work without me.  I am written into the drill.  I am this dot on the drill sheet and if I'm not there, there's a hole.  A hole in the band.  They need me.  I love that.

Can't say it any better than that.