Camp 2013: Rough Day at the Office

The following is a re-post from August 21, 2013

Ever had one of those days when you've got 4 projects overdue, so you stay a little late at the office?

And your boss sees you working late and asks you to run 400 copies of a 20 page report?  And while it's not something you normally do, you're willing to take one for the team?

So the park ranger leads you to a dark remote part of the forest, to a little shack inhabited by wild vermin and sets you to making copies?

And two hours later, the thought occurs to you, that NOBODY knows where you are and if a carnivorous moose attacks, it could be months before the search team finds your bones?

So when the job's complete, you drag a six ton box of paper across the forest floor, watching the bear watch you?

And the box breaks?  And the bear laughs?

Yeah, I thought so.  Probably happened to you twice last week.