Camp 2013: Taps & Night Brass

The following is a re-post from August 2013

Who wouldn't want to end each night with goose bumps?

I've absolutely loved listening to the Taps duet each night.  I hope the locals appreciate the sound too.  Such a nice moment when you stop squirming around in a sandy sleeping bag and just listen to the trumpets calling goodbye to another day.

On Friday nights, they replace the traditional trumpet duet with a full brass assortment and a beautiful arrangement of Amazing Grace.  Stunning.  Absolutely stunning.  I watched from my open window and could see their bells catch the moonlight.  Such a perfect moment; I'll freeze it and carry it with me forever.

I longed so much for an encore that I went out onto my cabin porch to listen to the repeat performance down in the boy's camp.  It sounded even better as it wafted slowly up the hill.

So much talent in those gangly and gawky teenagers.  Under cover of darkness, you don't see the wrapped knees, the band-aids, the dirty feet, or the bags under their eyes.  You just hear their music, their talent, their hearts.

Your kids are awesome.  Thank you for loaning them to me this week.