Camp 2013: The Wall

The following is a re-post from August 23, 2013

These are good kids and 99.2% of them would shave their heads bald to do another week of band camp.

But they all hit a wall at some point.

They try and they try and they work their little musical buns off.  But they're away from home, away from life.  Yes, they're with their friends but it might as well be on Mars.  At a certain point, they all break down.  Even the strongest, they all feel it, to varying degrees.

Yesterday we saw a lot of kids slam into the wall.  Hard.  Today, we've got a few more.

But you know what?  Kids bounce.  20 minutes later, that same kid who was struggling just to keep a'float of all their emotions and homesickiness is suddenly laughing and back out on the field.  By choice.  And we adults kinda have to stop some of these kids from practicing during their free time.  Because they love what they're doing.  And they're seeing their own progress and noting with pride all the new skills they didn't bring to Torch Lake.

So maybe you've had a few sad-eyed-puppy-dog phone calls or emails or texts.  Help them through the rough minutes.  But it's just a minute, it isn't insurmountable, and we have yet to require an emergency pick-up for a kid dying of Playstation withdrawl. 

These kids are strong.  You've raised them to be that way.  Now watch that strength with pride.