Camp 2014: Band Camp at Work-

A message from one of our chaperones-

I am a cabin Dad and I would like to share something that I witnessed during rec time yesterday.

During rec time (3-5) I was laying in the cabin, I was fatigued and wanted to be horizontal for a while. Our cabin is right on the beach, there is a lot activity around at rec time. Swimming, volleyball, tetherball, and spectators right out side the front screened windows. 

This story is about the two freshman boys in my cabin. The freshman are usually hesitant and stand offish, as were my two. They were the only two hanging in the cabin, watching and taking in what was going on outside. This lasted for a good while. 

They did eventually go out to return later with about a half hour left in rec time. But with them were two other boys. I just observed for a while -part of our gig. I could tell by the conversation that they were new acquaintances. I was witnessing a get-to-know you conversation. It was a little uncomfortable and a little forced. But all involved were working it, making it happen. Good for them!

This is part of what Band Camp is all about. Not only working them to the brink, and jamming the show into their heads, but also building relations and friendships that gel into the supportive band family that we have.This will be one of my favorite memories of working with the kids to carry with me. Iā€™m glad I am able to share it with you.

Go Dragons!