Camp 2014: Bonfire Night

Last night was bonfire night. Students sit in an amphitheater which is perfect for telling and listening to stories.

Senior students are the featured speakers at the bonfire. One by one they all get up and tell their own band story.

Band story? It's usually about why they joined band but it always includes what they've learned or advice for making the best of this upcoming season.

And whoa! Your kids are impressive.

One student explained how he was "too cool to join marching band" his freshman year but spent most of the summer watching his best friends have the time of their lives in the high school parking lot. He joined the prop team immediately, just to feel a part of the group and marched the very next season."You'll never get anything done if you just stand on the sidewalk and watch."  This kid is soooo incredibly ready for college, I can't imagine that he won't be a leader someday. 

Another student explained that marching band has given her what she thinks is a key to life. "Band gives me challenges, big ones and little ones. Each time I succeed, it's because I gave it my all. And if I don't succeed, when I look back, it's usually because I slacked off."  She learned that in 9th grade... how many 45 year olds do you know who still need to learn that lesson?

And then there was my son who said that marching band is important because it's the only place where you can beat a gong as loudly as you want.

I know, I'm still working on him...

Band kids. They are the absolute best kids in the world. If you haven't yet volunteered for a band event, please do so today. Get to know these kids. They're truly amazing.