Camp 2014: Cabin Themes

Each chaperone chooses a theme and decorates their cabin on Sunday evening during rehearsal. The big reveal to the kids is usually a let-down because by the time the kids are off the field, it is pitch black both inside and out.

But it’s great fun to wander around on the first morning, enjoying the surprise décor.

Some of the themes this year include: Tiki, Christmas in August, Hawaii, Halloween, Blue Butterflies, H-O-R-S-E (the game, not the animal), and Sharknado.

And then there is THE LIGHTHOUSE. I have no idea what the theme is because I forgot to bring my welding goggles. You kinda need eye protection to venture anywhere near.

One of our chaperones took me pretty darned seriously when I told everyone that it gets dark at band camp. He’s now lighting up the entire east bank of Torch Lake.

So if your son comes home with burned retinas, email Rudy Waluch. That’s R U D Y W A L U C H.