Camp 2014: Forced Fun

Every night from 9-something until 10pm is Forced Fun.

Uhm, I mean Group Activity. Or as I like to call it "Cramming 142 Kids into a Poorly Ventilated Cabin”

Forced Fun, it’s an acquired taste.

This year for icebreaker, students were given an identity plus instructions to find their partner.

"You are Sherlock Holmes, find Watson.”

"You are Elmer Fudd, find Bugs Bunny.”

You can learn a lot about a kid based on their reaction…

"Who the heck is Dr. Jekyll?”

And then there are the fans of The Doctor.

My shy, reticent daughter was the envy of all her uber-geek friends as she made her way around the room, looking for her Weeping Angel. Because the only thing better than being The Doctor is being a Weeping Angel. She found her angel and had a blast doing it.

Forced Fun, it just might serve a purpose.