Camp 2014: In the Dark

It was 9:12pm last night and the kids were just coming off the field. Our camp is in the middle of the woods, so the practice field was pitch black. They squeeze every bit of marching they can into the day.

Mr. Steele gave them the summary & pep talk before dismissal.

"I want you to know that while we often run this late, you won’t always be marching in the dark like this. The school has lights…”


School lights aren’t the only thing that keeps them from marching in the dark.

The chaperones have dealt with a lot crisis this week- some big, some small.

From the kid who had no idea what he was signing up for, to the girl in her fourth year questioning the sanity of it all. Friends who bicker, ankles that swell, and the sunshiny student who really, really, really needs a nap.

Monday night, they’ll be back on the home turf. Rehearsing under the school lights.

The following week, it’s back to school with well-lit hallways and rules for safety.

But for a few more hours they’re marching in the dark.

And the chaperones will be there with flash lights, lanterns, and glowsticks shaped like magical wands.

When you arrive on Saturday for the parent show or when the buses pull up to the high school, please hug your chaperone. Thank them for spending a week drying tears and mopping up red kool-ade. They’ve handled bloody noses, ohmygoshmymomsgonnakillmeitsabrandnewphone (more than once), and a particularly large breed of spider who tends to hang out in bras.

Band chaperones are the awesomest.