Camp 2014: Leave No Man Behind

I said in an earlier post that the new drill is hard.

That’s pretty much an understatement. It’s fast tempo music with complicated fingering and high contrast dynamics, combined with quick stepping changes in direction.

Basically, the music is challenging and the choreography is challenging… put it all together and you get? A heart-attack.

I’ll be honest- the clarinets are struggling. And they all know it. I have three of them in my cabin and they’re all thinking about it. How to get better, how to think clearer & breathe quicker, searching their drill sheets and notebooks for some key they might have missed.

They practiced at rec time with Mr. Critchett. Not just the few clarinets who needed the special instruction- the whole section stayed for extra rehearsal.

Because you don’t leave your friends when they’re struggling.

This is what band camp does. You won’t get this at practice on the home turf. Here, they’re surrounded by kids with a drive for excellence. There’s no going home at night and unplugging. For one week, it’s band 24-7.

Top level performances require this kind of intense rehearsal.

But they also require the kind of bonding that is happening right now in the clarinet section. And the trumpet section. And the trombones and the mellos and the battery and the list goes on and on...

They’re pulling and pushing each other towards a higher level of excellence.

Someplace they can’t get to on their own.

Band camp. It’s a togetherness thing.