Camp 2014: Musclebound

One of my cabin girls put on jeans for the very first time in months last night.

"These are my very favorite jeans and I haven’t worn them since school let out and they’re so soft and comf… wait, umpf… ohmygosh these pants are so tight! Why did I pack these stupid skinny jeans?”

She got ‘em up and buttoned… eventually.

"Dang. It’s all this marching. My quads and calves are gettin’ ripped. I gotta get bigger pants.”

Keep in mind, in my cabin emergency preparedness plan, this is the 12.5 pound waif whom I’d strap down first in a wind storm…

But she isn’t completely wrong.

Her marching muscles are a lot bigger than they were when she climbed on the bus last Sunday.

The kids have learned a lot this week. About marching, about drive, determination, and how many meals you can throw Monday’s leftover chicken into.

They’ve all eaten a can of marching band spinach and they’re stronger than when they left.

"Ohhhhhhh, so this is how it feels to be all buff and super heroish…”


Oh, and on behalf of the band boosters- let me officially apologize for all the naked marchers coming home tomorrow. They've outgrown all their clothing. Marching fitness has it’s price.

I’ll meet you all for school shopping in the big & tall section on Sunday.