Camp 2014: Scaling the Wall

Yesterday was the tough day.

The second full day of band camp is hard. It’s where kids bump up against THE WALL.

"Oh yeah, now I remember why I almost didn’t sign up for marching band again.”

"I’m sore now, how much worse is it going to get?”

"What in the heck did my mother sign me up for?”

"I thought this was going to be more fun…”

For each kid there’s an almost-to-the-breaking-point point. They’re tired, their feet hurt, they haven’t had a Cherry Pop-tart with a Mountain Dew chaser in 3 days.

"Is marching band worth it?”

Each kid has to find the answer for themselves. No one can answer it for them- not their friends, not their parents. It has to come from somewhere deep inside. Call it their soul, their gut, or their little twisted marchingbandrocksforever heart.

"Am I willing to pay the price?”

And once they find the answer, they easily leap over the wall.

Today is the day that they leap. They all leap. Some leap higher than others, but they all make the jump. Even the stragglers eventually make it over the wall.

It’s great fun to watch. Wednesday is a good day. The smiles are bigger, the heads are held higher, and they fist bump or high five each other until their hands are pink. Today is the day when newbies and veterans from every section and group meld into one giant green monster we call the Dragon Marching Band.

Today the Dragon will ROAR