Camp 2014: Skit Night

Skit night takes planning and preparation. For about a month, the sections brainstorm ideas and analyze the merits of each.

And then at the last minute, they change their mind and do something completely different.

The skits almost perfectly reflect the personality of the instrument.

  • The drum majors used the time to give instructions.
  • Guard (once again) found a way to work doing the splits into their routine. Dang, they’re flexible.
  • The flutes pour their heart into drama and wrote an entire scene from Hogwarts.
  • Clarinets gave us a sweet romantic moment between two loves who aren’t allowed to sit together.
  • The saxes had at least two skits going on at the same time. Maybe three.
  • Trumpets clowned their way through a big-band game hunt in Africa.
  • The mellos brilliantly caricatured each other and quietest kid in the section revealed a streak of dark comedic genius.
  • Baritones? We know they were there, but darned if anyone can remember what they did.
  • The trombones stole the show with precisely timed, death defying horn swinging.
  • Sousas roasted their section leader proving that they spend far too much time unsupervised on the backside of the field.
  • Battery seemed genuinely surprised to find out it was skit night.
  • And the front ensemble… okay, you have to understand that the front ensemble doesn’t get out of their cages very often. They march to the beat of a different xylophone. As usual, the skit was kinda creepy.

From an adult standpoint, skit night is anything but premium entertainment. But it’s fun to watch the kids poking fun at each other. Even if we don’t understand why Josh McMahon is wearing a tutu and firing a guard rifle at the audience.