Camp 2014: The Subsets of 23

Every year there is one section of choreography that takes your breath away.

Parents will watch for it at every performance, they move to the edge of their seats when it’s coming, and they cheer when it goes off without a hitch.

I’m not talking about the heart-yanking scenes like the angel wings in The Kindling or the Still, Small Voice of Calm in Ritual.

What I mean is a technical moment in the drill where the band does something amazing. The way Robin Hood did handsprings through the entire brass section or when Bella chased the girl through weaving waves of striped shirts.

We have found this year’s moment. The chaperones cheer (quietly) every time the kids do it. And they did it a lot yesterday. It only gets more gasp-worthy.

The kids call it "the subsets of 23” which won't mean anything to you.

So watch for the point when the band square dances. It’s a do-si-do move with the woodwinds moving up and towards the front sideline. There are at least 5 diagonal lines of flutes and clarinets that do-si-do around each other in a crisp and quick (blink and you'll miss it) moment of pure marching band genius.

My description sounded like mush, but you’ll know it when you see it because you'll be on your feet whooping!

Dang! These kids are awesome!