Camp 2014: Weather

Torch Lake is long. Looooong. You think you're almost there, because you can see the lake... but you are still a half-hour away from camp.

As we approached the southernmost tip of the lake on Sunday, the thermometer read 71 degrees. By the time we got to camp (at the northern end) we were down to 66 degrees. Apparently we drove to Torch Lake but ended up in Alaska.

Yeah, it’s chilly here at band camp this year. Definite sweatshirt weather. Breezy too. Drilling for hours in the sunshine just might be easier on kids this year, unlike last year when the practice field felt like downtown Death Valley.

Which reminds me, if you’re watching band camp weather on an app, set your location to Central Lake, Michigan and count on it being a couple degrees cooler at our camp-in-the-piney-woods.

78 for a high on Monday, lows of 61.

Big rain in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. I hope you sent rain gear...