Camp 2015: Rec-re-a-shee-oan

3:00 p.m. Rec Time: or as Doug Heffernan would call it – REC-RE-A-SHEE-OAN

Not wind, nor rain, or cloud sky could keep these kids away from their play time! Yes, the students took to the water and the beach; yes, the students took advantage of the camp store being open and yes, the students created a new game which they call: Roof Ball! The object of room ball is to bounce a ball off the roof of a cabin and the kids take turns hitting it while not letting it touch the ground. Our kids are very innovative as the muddy ground would not allow for soccer but the creation of Roof Ball made the masses happy!

There were some students who opted to catch up on the reading or some much needed sleep but everyone enjoyed their rec time and a hot meal of chicken patties, tater tots, salad and chocolate cake for dessert before heading back onto the field tonight to learn drill.

The laughter around camp has been ramped up today. The kids really begin to bond here at camp and learn how to rely on one another for reminders to be on time, change their socks, take their flip folios and refill their water jugs. I love watching the upper classmen take ownership of the first year marchers and watching each student become more confident in their roles. Everyone has a place here and each is just as important as the other and I don’t think that’s ever more evident as it is here at band camp!

The students will rehearse from 6:00 – 9:00 tonight. At 9:30 we will enjoy an ice cream social and our annual paper plate awards which the kids love!

It’s been a great day filled with a lot of energy and the kids are, as always, amazing people! We love our Dragons!