Camp 2015: Sunday & Monday

Sunday Evening Rehearsal –

Our kids LIVE for drill! The marchers were learning their drill and looking like pros by the end of the night. There were only a few wipe outs and the kids were still smiling until dusk! Their final run through of the music was AMAZING leaving a couple of us with tears in our eyes and goose bumps on our arms; it’s going to be a great show!

The Coveted Paper Plate Awards – Sunday night we gathered in the mess hall for good old fashioned sundaes and the presentation of the Paper Plates Awards by the Senior class. There is always lots of laughter and excitement when these coveted awards are passed from one marcher to the next. Justin Gembarski (sousaphone) led the charge taking home 3 paper plate awards for the evening while Cody Asher (trumpet) and Emily Granzow (guard) were named the cutest couple! There were lots of hugs and kisses on the cheeks (and a few tears from the senior moms) and everyone had a great time! These kids are so awesome and supportive of one another!



Today brought a new motivational phrase to band camp when Zach Gdowski proclaimed during warm-up exercises “If the band moms can do it you can”! Yep, several band moms and one band dad were working out with the students on the field this morning and while our cores were a little shaky and our leg lifts were a little low, we held our own and gave the kids something to strive for… to be better than the band moms!

It’s raining and cold again today on Torch Lake and the students were a little slower getting out of bed this morning but our spirits are high and rehearsals are going well. Tonight brings skit night and the planning and practicing has begun! The phrase “we are going to give other sections shade” resonated throughout breakfast and in the absence of actual sunshine, I realized that ‘shade’ is this generations version of ‘dogging’ or ‘dissing’ so the shade should be interesting!J

The food is great, the kids are awesome and this is the most beautiful place on earth; your people are in good hands and we chaperones are thoroughly enjoying our time with them!