Dawn Priebe

Camp 2015: Tuesday Morning

5:20am Drum Line Wake Up Call!

The students grumble about it but they love having their beds drummed upon by the drum line. Such a fun tradition!

Then at 7am, the Polar Plunge.

Yes, even though it was only 48 degrees outside, some students and a few chaperones jumped bravely into Torch Lake while the rest of us stayed bundled in our sleeping bags, trying to nab a few extra minutes of sleep.

It was a good morning!!!

Camp 2015: Skit Night

For the first time in band camp history...

Saxophones take top honors on skit night!

Bonbright was filled with laughter and chaos as the sections performend their skits which included game shows, mock sectionals, floating boats, and beauty pageants.

Mr Steele was crowned Avant Guard Pageant Princess and cried his way through the speech!

The saxophones stole the show however with John Brenner adding his zany sense of humor, leaving us in tears with laughter!

Stay tuned for photos and videos in the coming days on skit night!

Camp 2015: Sunday & Monday

Sunday Evening Rehearsal –

Our kids LIVE for drill! The marchers were learning their drill and looking like pros by the end of the night. There were only a few wipe outs and the kids were still smiling until dusk! Their final run through of the music was AMAZING leaving a couple of us with tears in our eyes and goose bumps on our arms; it’s going to be a great show!

The Coveted Paper Plate Awards – Sunday night we gathered in the mess hall for good old fashioned sundaes and the presentation of the Paper Plates Awards by the Senior class. There is always lots of laughter and excitement when these coveted awards are passed from one marcher to the next. Justin Gembarski (sousaphone) led the charge taking home 3 paper plate awards for the evening while Cody Asher (trumpet) and Emily Granzow (guard) were named the cutest couple! There were lots of hugs and kisses on the cheeks (and a few tears from the senior moms) and everyone had a great time! These kids are so awesome and supportive of one another!



Today brought a new motivational phrase to band camp when Zach Gdowski proclaimed during warm-up exercises “If the band moms can do it you can”! Yep, several band moms and one band dad were working out with the students on the field this morning and while our cores were a little shaky and our leg lifts were a little low, we held our own and gave the kids something to strive for… to be better than the band moms!

It’s raining and cold again today on Torch Lake and the students were a little slower getting out of bed this morning but our spirits are high and rehearsals are going well. Tonight brings skit night and the planning and practicing has begun! The phrase “we are going to give other sections shade” resonated throughout breakfast and in the absence of actual sunshine, I realized that ‘shade’ is this generations version of ‘dogging’ or ‘dissing’ so the shade should be interesting!J

The food is great, the kids are awesome and this is the most beautiful place on earth; your people are in good hands and we chaperones are thoroughly enjoying our time with them!

Camp 2015: Rec-re-a-shee-oan

3:00 p.m. Rec Time: or as Doug Heffernan would call it – REC-RE-A-SHEE-OAN

Not wind, nor rain, or cloud sky could keep these kids away from their play time! Yes, the students took to the water and the beach; yes, the students took advantage of the camp store being open and yes, the students created a new game which they call: Roof Ball! The object of room ball is to bounce a ball off the roof of a cabin and the kids take turns hitting it while not letting it touch the ground. Our kids are very innovative as the muddy ground would not allow for soccer but the creation of Roof Ball made the masses happy!

There were some students who opted to catch up on the reading or some much needed sleep but everyone enjoyed their rec time and a hot meal of chicken patties, tater tots, salad and chocolate cake for dessert before heading back onto the field tonight to learn drill.

The laughter around camp has been ramped up today. The kids really begin to bond here at camp and learn how to rely on one another for reminders to be on time, change their socks, take their flip folios and refill their water jugs. I love watching the upper classmen take ownership of the first year marchers and watching each student become more confident in their roles. Everyone has a place here and each is just as important as the other and I don’t think that’s ever more evident as it is here at band camp!

The students will rehearse from 6:00 – 9:00 tonight. At 9:30 we will enjoy an ice cream social and our annual paper plate awards which the kids love!

It’s been a great day filled with a lot of energy and the kids are, as always, amazing people! We love our Dragons!


Camp 2015: Freshman and Squirrels and Bugs

Oh My!

First night at camp and the action continued!

Cabin 9 was alive with girls chatting far beyond lights out.

Cabin 10 was abuzz with bugs and freshman screams. This was followed by a 2:30am squirrel visitor rifling through backpacks and luggage.

Maize and Blue cabins were quiet as mice.

The boys who always remain calm, cool, collected, AND entertained by an evening full of screams filtering down from the girl's camp:


Good times, good times...



Camp 2015: Saturday Mixer

Find Your Family

For Saturday evening's Forced Fun Mixer, the students were each given a piece of paper with a name and number on it.

The name was their character and the number was how many characters they had to find from their family.

Velma needed to look for Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, and Daphne. Once their family was complete they had to sit for several minutes  to learn 5 new things about everyone else in the group.

It was a great icebreaker and the students really enjoyed it.

Or so it seemed- there wasn't any eye rolling...


Camp 2015: Arrival Day

Such Energy!

133.5 students* piling off of three buses and ready for action.

Following a five-ish minute tour by Mr. Steele, the kids unpacked and enjoyed some free time before dining on salad, hot dogs, mac n' cheese, and cherry cobbler.

First rehearsal tonight and they sound fantastic!

Next up... Forced Fun in Bonbright! Should get interesting with the game they will be forced to play!

Great kids, no breakdowns yet, a couple of freshman were ALMOST late to dinner (which will NEVER happen again!)


Bethany couldn't make the trip but she's there in spirit. Get well soon!!!