M101- Absent@lodragonbands.org

Marching band is about to change your life. Or at least your summer vacation plans.

It's unavoidable. Competition season starts about the same time that school does and in order to be ready, summer rehearsals are a must.

The bulk of the learning happens during camp weeks (boot camp, mini-camp(s), pre & post camps). Wednesday rehearsals are an important way to keep students from backtracking between camp weeks. The fewer absences your student has, the stronger their marching skills will be.

But we realize you have a family and a life. Vacations, reunions, camping trips, those are important too.

So plan your absences wisely and then let us know about them.

EMAIL a list of your planned summer absences to absent@lodragonbands.org, before June 1st. If plans change, you can update anytime via email.

That's an EMAIL ADDRESS, not a website page. Our LOBB Recording Secretary compiles weekly lists of summer absences and notifies the staff that your son/daughter will be missing, for what reason, and how long.

If your student is ill on a rehearsal day, EMAIL the Recording Secretary at absent@lodragonbands.org. She will make sure Mr. Steele gets the last minute message.

If you have a planned absence that overlaps a competition, please EMAIL us at absent@lodragonbands.org. That type of absence needs to be approved by Mr. Steele and the Recording Secretary will begin that process.

Okay, at the risk of being slightly more redundant than I already have been:

  • absent@lodragonbands.org is an email address, not a website page
  • it's not a website page, it's an email address
  • due date for summer absences is June 1st
  • update your planned schedule as necessary
  • "out sick today" messages to the same email address
  • to seek approval for a competition absence, begin by contacting absent@lodragonbands.org

and pssttttt.... one more thing: it's an email address.