M101- How to tell a Rehearsal from a Sectional:


  • Scheduled by Mr. Steele in March or April, long before the season begins
  • Noted on the band calendar and the schedule on the website
  • Instructor led, instructor supervised
  • Full band
  • At LOHS
  • Required attendance
  • Absences must be excused (absent@lodragons.org)


  • Scheduled anywhere from 2 days to 2 minutes ahead of time
  • Never listed on a calendar or schedule. In fact, you may not hear about it until they're dressed and ready to go.
  • Student led
  • A single instrument section or a limited group of sections
  • At a student's home (Front Ensemble uses the band shed because marimbas are not very portable)
  • Attendance is optional but highly encouraged
  • May involve pizza, movie, a swimming pool, or small furry mammals wearing weird hats.