Marching 101- Welcome

Welcome to Marching 101- How to Survive the Season

For most of us, marching band is a foreign land filled with strange beings and weird customs.

Marching 101- Lake Orion Band Boosters
  • Many band parents have never played an instrument.
  • Of those parents who participated in band, many did not participate in marching band.
  • Of the parents who marched, only a teeny tiny segment marched in a band of LOMB’s current size and caliber.

So yes- it is normal for you to feel hopelessly lost. LOMB is a gigantic system full of peculiar rules, odd language, and rehearsals that never seem to end on time.

The LO Band Boosters know you’re lost, because we were lost too. We field lots of questions and we make ourselves available at every opportunity, just in case you’re wondering something. We put out packets, newsletters, email Blasts, flyers, forms… basically we do everything but hire a sky writer to help explain the marching band system to everyone who will listen.

And yet the most common comment I hear from parents is "Oh, if only I’d known that sooner!”

So welcome to Marching 101, otherwise called "what the heck is going on???”

This is your resource for marching band basics, interpreted into regular English for the unmusical and the inexperienced. Several times a week, I’ll post small snippets of useful tips and instruction about the alien creatures with odd tan lines. 

By the way, my name is Amy Shulke and I’m the LOBB Communications Secretary. I have a marimba player and a mellophonist at my house; if they’re not sleeping, they’re doing something bandish. Both my husband and I played instruments, we each marched four years in our high school marching band, and still, we were completely flummoxed the first year of LOMB.

Relax. The knowledge will come.

Welcome to the band family, welcome to the club. Join us for another season of happy confusion…