Camp '15, Jaclyn- Bundling up in August?

Written on August 25th:

I’ve been getting a lot more use than I expected to out of the sweatshirts and sweatpants I brought to camp, for it was raining yet again for most of the day today.  So for music block the brass went to the old mess hall. But because the drumline was in the art room next door to us, music block was a little hard, with both sections trying to rehearse at the same time.  When it came time for full ensemble rehearsal, I felt bad for the woodwinds, who kept on running back and forth, putting their instruments back in their cases and then taking them back out, depending on when the rain would start or stop.

After the last rehearsal of the day we were going to have a bonfire with s’mores but due to the rain we went inside Bonbright instead.  This is when a bunch of seniors shared their stories/why they love marching band and I really liked hearing about where all these people came from and how they got into marching band.  And the parents still made sure that each kid got a s’more. :)

Camp '15, Jaclyn- Rain, rain, and more rain...

Written on August 24th:

I was not prepared for all these early mornings.  So far mornings have just been a battle of getting out of bed and putting on sweats in time to walk to breakfast.  Anyway, today was another eventful day of dodging raindrops, and by dodging raindrops I mean constantly packing up our stuff and moving from place to place depending on the rain. But despite the unpredictable weather, I for one was really impressed at how fast we all moved to where we needed to be.  I can tell that we’re making huge progress on our music already.

Then tonight was skit night.  The Mellos had no plan as for what we were doing for our skit but right before skit night we pulled together somewhat of a plan for what we were going to do.  I thought a lot of the skits were very entertaining and was laughing the whole time through the Saxaphone’s winning skit.  The Mellos came in last but it was still a lot of fun to do.  

Camp '15, Jaclyn- Forced Fun & Paper Plates

Written on August 23rd-

Today we got some light rain in the middle of rehearsal but we just kept on going despite the weather. 

Tonight for forced fun we had ice cream followed by a band camp tradition I was new to: paper plate awards.  It was really funny hearing the awards some of the seniors were passing down.  Overall it was a great night, and it was really cool to see and experience how close everyone in the band is.  

Camp '15, Dave- Tuesday

Today was both stressful and relaxed.

First of all, I was half asleep. Drumline wakeup call was today. We woke up at 5:00am and were in cabins by 5:30. Reece yelled at me for playing out of time, but I could barely put the words into actions. We were done at about 5:50. I just stayed up until breakfast.

Sectional rehearsal was great. We worked on part four and a check part for the drum feature. Rain got in our way (what a surprise) so we were forced to play in the art room located in the old mess hall.

Full ensemble was the stressful part of the day. I had only a small clue of what we were doing, and even then I probably did everything wrong. By the end I think I was alright. As a battery ensemble, we had trouble putting the drill with the music. So, as a result, they asked us to write the set numbers into our music. I tried but currently I'm too tired to get anything productive done.

As of me writing this, it's 11:34pm and the notes on the paper are just blurry dots. I'll try again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get more than five hours of sleep tonight.

Camp '15, Kelly- Tuesday

Skit night was incredible last night!

The saxophones took home the gold. Of course my old section won. Out of my four years at band camp, this skit night was by far the best one yet- almost every skit made everyone laugh.

The weather is rough today. Cold rain has been sticking with us almost all week. We are all a little uncomfortable. Then again, the weather is definitely better than it is in November. 

What amazes me most about band camp this year is the work ethic of the newer marchers. The cold and rain haven't phased them at all and they are hungry to learn our show. I know once the weather perks up a bit, that we will learn drill at the speed of light. 

Since the weather has been pretty lousy, we have worked a lot on music. Again, the work ethic of the younger marchers amazes me. Even in music block, the band is improving super fast. I know specifically that the brass have made huge headway. They can play almost everything at full tempo! That is something I would have never guessed just 2 weeks ago. 

a Drum Major's view

a Drum Major's view

Camp '15, Dave- Second Day

The second day of band camp was full of misery.

On and off rain ruined everything. I had to dry my drum constantly.

First block started off pretty slow. We played exercises the whole time. When we split into subsections, Mike (our bass tech) thought he knew where to take us but really we went in a giant circle. He did eventually find the spot he was looking for. At the root off the path, we met at Torch Lake and it was probably the best rehearsal spot ever. It all came to an end when rain came and we had to move to The Foot (staff cabin).

I used rec time to catch up on some sleep and get drill written into my dot book. It was hard to sleep due to all of the ornery children running amok within 20 feet of cabin 7.

Skit night was alright, although it seems to get longer and longer every time. Most of the skits were just making fun of the band. Spread the love! Stop hating on each other!

I thought our skit was pretty original. The annual drumline "Is It Time Yet?" skit was accompanied by Adam asking Sarah Rillo to "maybe watch Netflix and chill sometime." Unfortunately, we only came in second but I must admit, the saxes did have superb execution of their skit. I would have thought the pit would've done better. Their jorts were on fire! And Conner telling us all of the secrets to become rich was a real sealer but I guess the judges didn't agree.

Apparently it's supposed to be extremely cold tomorrow, but it's whatever. I can just borrow someone's jorts. I heard the super-high cut makes them really warm.

Camp '15, Dave- Sunday

The first full day of band camp was devastating.

My back is already starting to feel the drumming pains and I split open my thumb running to the showers at 10:30pm. Couldn't really see anything.

The war is over.

A neutral third party had intercepted an attack on cabin 6. Significant progress was made while carrying out the attack on Jake Roman, so cabin 7 considers the war to be a victory. Jake was carried outside of his cabin, on his way to the beach, when the attack was unfortunately ended.

Progress was made out on the field today. I learned my first page of drill. None of the bass drums knew what they were doing, but Reese explained the field system to me, Brandon, and the other basses. I wonder when I'll get all of my dots instead of having only a relative location for most of them...

Camp '15, Jaclyn- Introduction

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jaclyn and I am a freshman this year. This is my first year playing mellophone and I'm super excited for this week of band camp.

So far today, we arrived at camp, got our luggage, went to our cabins and got settled in. Then we had hot dogs and mac and cheese for dinner, which really exceeded my expectations for camp food.

After dinner we went to rehearsal, where you had to find other people whose character was in the same group as the one you were given. Overall, it was a pretty awesome start to band camp and I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

Camp '15, Kelly- Sunday Summary

Paper plate and ice cream night! There were lots of laughs when the wacky awards were given out. 

Rehearsal has been busy busy busy. There has not been a moment of rehearsal that someone was not playing marching or spinning a flag. The improvement in just one day is unreal. At the end of the day it felt like every single kid has been participating in this activity for over a year. 

The weather has been the best but It didn't stop rehearsal or for some kids to go swimming. The rain cooled the temp but not the attitudes. Every kid is happy to be at this lovely camp even with the crazy weather. 

Camp '15, Kelly- Introduction

Hello everyone! I'm Kelly, the only senior drum major this year. 

This is my first year being a drum major. I marched alto saxophone the last 3 years, so this year has been a big change for me.  Although I have to learn a whole new set of responsibilities this year, I love conducting the band!

Now I can't wait to tell everyone the fun things that we get to do at band camp!!!

Camp '15, Dave- Transit Day

Transit day was interesting.

We said goodbye to our parents and then we were off. A five hour bus ride was intersected by a delightful stop at McDonald's. Once we arrived at our cabins, then the conflict began...

We arrived to a cabin that was missing two mattresses. We set out to find new ones. After we had entered into our fellow neighbor's cabin, we discovered that a member of their community had stashed two mattresses for their own benefit. After acquiring their stashed mattress it was time for dinner.

After a rundown of all the camp rules, Levi (our cabin's self proclaimed leader) introduced me to the band. At that time, I had then read our cabin's (cabin 7) proclamation of war against cabin 6 and all affiliated parties. It was war and we were not going to back down without a fight.

Camp '15, Dave- Introduction

Dave, Camp 2014

Dave, Camp 2014

Hey, I'm Dave.

I'm currently a sophomore and I'll be one of the kids blogging band camp this year.

I'm in the drumline and play bass #4 for our competition show and quads for football games. It's my first year marching, but I'm not new to the activity. I was in the front ensemble last year. The front ensemble and battery are very different so far. Battery is the technical name for drumline. You'll hear me use it interchangeably.

I'm excited to see what camp brings this year. I will describe my experience in excruciating detail, with an extra splash of pizzazz.