Camp '15, Jaclyn- Bundling up in August?

Written on August 25th:

I’ve been getting a lot more use than I expected to out of the sweatshirts and sweatpants I brought to camp, for it was raining yet again for most of the day today.  So for music block the brass went to the old mess hall. But because the drumline was in the art room next door to us, music block was a little hard, with both sections trying to rehearse at the same time.  When it came time for full ensemble rehearsal, I felt bad for the woodwinds, who kept on running back and forth, putting their instruments back in their cases and then taking them back out, depending on when the rain would start or stop.

After the last rehearsal of the day we were going to have a bonfire with s’mores but due to the rain we went inside Bonbright instead.  This is when a bunch of seniors shared their stories/why they love marching band and I really liked hearing about where all these people came from and how they got into marching band.  And the parents still made sure that each kid got a s’more. :)