Camp '15, Jaclyn- Rain, rain, and more rain...

Written on August 24th:

I was not prepared for all these early mornings.  So far mornings have just been a battle of getting out of bed and putting on sweats in time to walk to breakfast.  Anyway, today was another eventful day of dodging raindrops, and by dodging raindrops I mean constantly packing up our stuff and moving from place to place depending on the rain. But despite the unpredictable weather, I for one was really impressed at how fast we all moved to where we needed to be.  I can tell that we’re making huge progress on our music already.

Then tonight was skit night.  The Mellos had no plan as for what we were doing for our skit but right before skit night we pulled together somewhat of a plan for what we were going to do.  I thought a lot of the skits were very entertaining and was laughing the whole time through the Saxaphone’s winning skit.  The Mellos came in last but it was still a lot of fun to do.