Camp '15, Dave- Second Day

The second day of band camp was full of misery.

On and off rain ruined everything. I had to dry my drum constantly.

First block started off pretty slow. We played exercises the whole time. When we split into subsections, Mike (our bass tech) thought he knew where to take us but really we went in a giant circle. He did eventually find the spot he was looking for. At the root off the path, we met at Torch Lake and it was probably the best rehearsal spot ever. It all came to an end when rain came and we had to move to The Foot (staff cabin).

I used rec time to catch up on some sleep and get drill written into my dot book. It was hard to sleep due to all of the ornery children running amok within 20 feet of cabin 7.

Skit night was alright, although it seems to get longer and longer every time. Most of the skits were just making fun of the band. Spread the love! Stop hating on each other!

I thought our skit was pretty original. The annual drumline "Is It Time Yet?" skit was accompanied by Adam asking Sarah Rillo to "maybe watch Netflix and chill sometime." Unfortunately, we only came in second but I must admit, the saxes did have superb execution of their skit. I would have thought the pit would've done better. Their jorts were on fire! And Conner telling us all of the secrets to become rich was a real sealer but I guess the judges didn't agree.

Apparently it's supposed to be extremely cold tomorrow, but it's whatever. I can just borrow someone's jorts. I heard the super-high cut makes them really warm.