Camp '15, Kelly- Tuesday

Skit night was incredible last night!

The saxophones took home the gold. Of course my old section won. Out of my four years at band camp, this skit night was by far the best one yet- almost every skit made everyone laugh.

The weather is rough today. Cold rain has been sticking with us almost all week. We are all a little uncomfortable. Then again, the weather is definitely better than it is in November. 

What amazes me most about band camp this year is the work ethic of the newer marchers. The cold and rain haven't phased them at all and they are hungry to learn our show. I know once the weather perks up a bit, that we will learn drill at the speed of light. 

Since the weather has been pretty lousy, we have worked a lot on music. Again, the work ethic of the younger marchers amazes me. Even in music block, the band is improving super fast. I know specifically that the brass have made huge headway. They can play almost everything at full tempo! That is something I would have never guessed just 2 weeks ago. 

a Drum Major's view

a Drum Major's view