Camp '15, Dave- Tuesday

Today was both stressful and relaxed.

First of all, I was half asleep. Drumline wakeup call was today. We woke up at 5:00am and were in cabins by 5:30. Reece yelled at me for playing out of time, but I could barely put the words into actions. We were done at about 5:50. I just stayed up until breakfast.

Sectional rehearsal was great. We worked on part four and a check part for the drum feature. Rain got in our way (what a surprise) so we were forced to play in the art room located in the old mess hall.

Full ensemble was the stressful part of the day. I had only a small clue of what we were doing, and even then I probably did everything wrong. By the end I think I was alright. As a battery ensemble, we had trouble putting the drill with the music. So, as a result, they asked us to write the set numbers into our music. I tried but currently I'm too tired to get anything productive done.

As of me writing this, it's 11:34pm and the notes on the paper are just blurry dots. I'll try again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get more than five hours of sleep tonight.