Band Camp: Save a Clean, White Shirt

On Thursday, I posted a newsfeed message detailing the black socks and shoes that your student will need for the WSU football game on the last day of band camp- Thursday, August 27th.

My plan is to have my daughter store her shoes/socks in a bag inside her band locker. I've heard other parents plan to stop by the school during the dinner break layover on Thursday and hand over the socks & shoes then.

PLEASE ADD A CLEAN WHITE TEE SHIRT TO THE BAG. This is what they will wear underneath their uniform for the game.

It does not have to be an LOMB practice tee but it should be clean, white, and fairly free of printing or large logos. Remember that the kids do remove their jackets in the heat, so let's keep that shirt as plain as possible.

By the way: If you have the 2013 practice shirt, that one is perfect for this game. The design is low and on the side so the bibbers will hide the logo entirely.