FCA Motor Citizens + Odd Jobs Day

It's time for our annual Odd Jobs Work Day!

This is in conjunction with the Motor Citizens program at Fiat Chrysler but ANYONE can come help the band to a little fall cleaning!

Friday, September 25th from 11am to 6pm.

We need 10 FCA employees (salaried, non-bargaining) working 3 hours each to earn the bonus donation to the LO Band department.

Last year we had 23 participants and we more than qualified for the bonus donation. We were quite productive but the best part was meeting so many wonderful band parents!

Jobs this year include:

  • Concessions maintenance
  • Concessions storage cleanout
  • Annual semi clean-out
  • Annual band shed clean-out
  • Recycling of old prop materials
  • Dirt berm removal (from north yard by shed)
  • Misc LOMB prop tasks as needed
  • Misc LOMB pit tasks as needed

More info: Amy Shulke