LOMB Parent Volenteers Needed!

This is a case of 'you scratch our backs and we'll scratch yours'.  

See, we have some open volunteer positions that we need to have filled to help us ensure that this program runs smoothly without having the same group of people doing all the work.  When that happens, these volunteers get burned out pretty quickly.  And...it's always a good idea to have fresh blood in the mix.  That is 'our back' getting scratched.  How do we scratch yours?  Each of these positions has a value to it which means, if you volunteer you will be rewarded with 'points' (1pt = $1) that can be put towards your families marching band fees.  See??  Win for us, and win for you.  Listed below are the open positions and the points they are worth:

  1. Concessions Manager                            400  points
  2. Silent Auction Chair                                 50  points
  3. Scrip Assistant Manager                          25  points     Bette Pauzus
  4. Discount Card Chair                                 50  points     Robyn Voight
  5. Car Wash Chair                                         50  points
  6. Grimm & Wilde Construction Chair          50  points
  7. Grimm Volunteer Coordinator                  50  points
  8. Print Manager                                         100  points
  9. Parade Manager                                        50  points
  10. Summer Picnic Coordinator                       50  points
  11. Symphonic Celebration Coordinator         50  points
  12. Chrysler Motor Citizen Coordinator          50  points
  13. Program Setter                                        100  points  

If you have any questions regarding these positions, please email Volunteer@lodragonbands.org for further information.