Band Camp: Black Socks, Black Shoes


Due to the football game at Wayne State University on August 27th, you'll need to do a little thinking ahead.

On the final day of camp (27th) departure buses will head to LOHS for about a 1 hour layover, just enough time to feed the kids dinner and dress for the football game. Then buses will depart for WSU.

Students will not have time to go home for black socks and shoes.

So next week, you have three options:

  1. have your student stash their socks and shoes in their band locker
  2. send the shoes and socks with your student to band camp
  3. make plans to meet the bus at LOHS during the dinner layover on Aug 27th.

STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PERFORM AT WAYNE STATE WITHOUT BLACK SOCKS AND SHOES. This could be a problem if you plan on meeting them for the layover and you miss the connection.

And psssstttt... if you decide to send the socks/shoes to band camp with your student, be very clear that practicing at camp in black shoes is very unwise. Their shoes will be incredibly dusty and dirty if they wear them at camp.