Band Camp: Water Jug REQUIRED

Water Jug Warning:

All students must bring their water jugs to band camp. This item is so important that we check for it twice before they leave.

Do NOT pack the jug in your student's luggage or sleeping gear.

At the check-in table, your student will need to show the volunteer their water jug BEFORE they receive their name tag.

Then at the bus, no student is allowed to board the bus unless they are physically holding their jug.

Students: Photographic proof that your jug is stored in your sleeping bag will not work. Nor will a signed and notarized affidavit from your family lawyer. If you pack it in your baggage, you will be asked to dig through the luggage until you find it.

This happens every year, someone packs their jug. Or they leave it on the kitchen counter.

Let's make this the year that goes smoothly. Pleeeeeease?