The absent email address has changed.

Please notify our volunteer about expected absences from LOMB rehearsals and performances or LOHS concerts or band events due to vacations, appointments, or illness.


We've had some serious misunderstandings recently about the nature of the absent inbox.

To Clarify:

  • Absent@lodragonbands.org is NOT a hotline to Mr. Steele. He does not read these emails. Emails are gathered and noted by our Recording Secretary, Erica Wagner. She compiles the data into a weekly summary report for the directors.
  • Your absence reports are kept confidential.
  • Reporting to absent@lodragonbands.org DOES NOT excuse your student from LOHS classes for the day.
  • Emailing the absent inbox does not trigger anything but the addition of your student's name to the weekly absent report. There is no emergency response team that swings into action based upon your email. We are parent volunteers trying to help the director predict attendance patterns, not social workers.