LOBB Address Change

LOBB email addresses have now changed.

Many thanks to Lynn Ray for all the time she spent turning the dials and knobs to make this happen.

Please note- under the previous system, addresses were designated by the name of the office holder or chairperson (ex: ashulke@lod...). That system led to mass confusion at the start of every season because really, who has time to memorize who is doing what job every year?

Under the new system, you will be emailing the JOB, not the PERSON. And when a job is taken over by a new volunteer, the address is passed to that person along with the email archives for that job.

I've been gentle and I'm not forcing all our volunteers into using the lodragonbands.org addresses, some are still using personal inboxes. But as more volunteers adopt the system, you'll know that "concessions@lodragonbands.org" will always put you in touch with the concessions department and you won't have to remember who's in charge of uniforms, you'll simply email "uniforms@lodragonbands.org".

I know you're not going to save this email, so I won't list addresses here. Head to the directory page on the lodragonbands.org website (under the PARENTS menu) to get the directory. I'll be adding to this throughout the year.

But here's a glance at the new board addresses, note that you're emailing the JOB they do now:

  • LOBB President Lyla Dyer: president@lodragonbands.org
  • Vice President Dawn Priebe: fundraising@lodragonbands.org
  • Vice President Jen Asher: volunteer@lodragonbands.org
  • Treasurer Cristie Tyrrell: budget@lodragonbands.org
  • Treasurer Ruth Arnott: accounts@@lodragonbands.org
  • Communications Secretary Amy Shulke communications@lodragonbands.org
  • Recording Secretary Erica Wagner records@lodragonbands.org

ere are a few others:

  • Concessions Info (Diane Falkowski) concessions@lodragonbands.org
  • Uniform Dept (Lyla Dyer) uniforms@lodragonbands.org
  • Website (Amy Shulke) webmaster@@lodragonbands.org
  • LO Winter Guard (Lyla Dyer) guard@lodragonbands.org
  • LO Percussion (Ruth Arnott) LOP@lodragonbands.org

ull list at: lodragonbands.org > PARENTS > Directory